If you’re looking to add functionality around sending abandoned cart and anniversary emails with the smallest number of apps on your store as possible, you can consider Klaviyo or, for that matter, Omnisend.

Generally speaking, the more apps you install on your store, the more custom code your theme will include, and the longer your store may take to load.

In this post, I will show you how to use Klaviyo to customise abandoned cart emails and configure a 2-weeks-prior-to-anniversary email to customers asking them to renew their purchase.

If this scenario sounds unusual, we discovered it from a Reddit post titled, “I am looking for an automated email client that will handle abandoned carts and email 2 weeks before the anniversary of customers the last sale.”

Use Case (from Reddit)

In today’s example, a Reddit user named u/iPrintThingsOnVinyl would like an app that can perform two functions:

  1. Handle abandoned cart emails
  2. Send an email two weeks prior to the anniversary of a customer’s last purchase to nudge them to renew their order

You can see the full post here, and below is a screenshot.

In the first part of this post, we’ll show how Klaviyo handles abandoned cart emails. As the flow comes pre-built in Klaviyo, the only tricky part is finding the flow. Once you’ve found it, you can customise it with a few clicks.

In the second part, we’ll show how you can create the flow that will send an email two weeks prior to the anniversary of their last purchase.

If you prefer to watch a video showing how to do both parts, check this out (I don’t know why the thumbnail is not appearing!):

Solution 1: How to customise the abandoned cart flow in Klaviyo in 3 steps:

1. Click “Abandoned Cart Reminder”

2. Click “Create Flow”

3. From here, you can customise Klaviyo’s pre-built abandoned cart flow.

Solution 2: How to send an email two weeks before the anniversary of the customer’s last sale in 7 steps

1. Click “Create Flow”

2. Click “Create from Scratch”

3. Add a Metric Trigger

4. Choose “Placed Order”

5. Add a flow filter and configure it to be: “What someone has done (or not done)” >> “Placed Order” >> “zero times” >> “since starting this flow.” In simple English, this flow filter ensures that customers will only receive this email 2 weeks before the anniversary of their last sale because once they make another purchase, they will restart from the beginning of the flow.

6. Add a time delay of 351 days: as there are 365 days in a year, 2 weeks before the anniversary equates to 365 days – 14 days = 351 days.

7. Add an email


If you’d like to use only one app to handle both abandoned cart and anniversary emails, you can consider Klaviyo and other email marketing apps on the Shopify app store.

The trickiest part with the flows we built today was the filter for the flow that sends an email two weeks prior to the anniversary of the last purchase because we need the flow to reset with every new purchase.

Fortunately, Klaviyo offers a way to restrict flows to only customers who fulfil certain criteria, such as, in our case, placing an order zero times since starting a particular flow.

I haven’t tried Omnisend yet, but I will explore it in detail for future posts!