They happen all the time, but not all abandoned carts are the same!

If a potential customer abandons a cart worth $10 of products, you may be content to let your automated abandoned cart recovery emails do the work, but what if the cart contained $1,000 worth of products?

Would you want to know?

With internal email notifications for abandoned carts worth over a certain amount, you can find out when they happen and follow up directly with customers to recover lost sales.

If this scenario sounds helpful to you, read on!

Use Case (from Reddit)

A Reddit user named u/thingstodoinjersey is looking for an app to generate alerts to his sales team when an abandoned cart meets certain criteria.

For example, if the abandoned cart value is greater than or equal to X, he would like his sales team to receive an alert.

You can see the original post here and the screenshot below.

Solution: How to send yourself internal notifications for high-value abandoned carts in Shopify (with Klaviyo) — in 8 easy steps

You can use Klaviyo to send yourself a notification for an abandoned cart if the value of the cart is greater than a certain threshold. For simplicity, in our example, we’ll set the threshold to $500.

If you’d like to see a video of how to do it, you can see the one I made here:

Otherwise, see below for how to set up an internal notification email flow for high-value cart abandonment (with screenshots):

1. In Klaviyo, click “Create Flow”

2. Click “Create from Scratch”

3. Under “Trigger Setup,” choose “Metric” as your trigger.

4. Choose the “Checkout Started” trigger.

5. Add the following flow filter:

  • What someone has done (or not done)
  • Placed Order
  • zero times
  • since starting this flow

In words, the above filter excludes people who have completed their checkouts.

6. Add a time delay of 30 minutes (or however much time you want to elapse before you consider a checkout abandoned).

7. Add a trigger split, choose $value as the dimension and set it to “is at least” $500.

8. In the path for “Yes,” add a notification. In words, if an abandoned cart is worth at least $500, your team will receive an email notification about it. If the cart value is under $500, this particular flow will not send an email to your team.


If you’re looking for an easy way to send yourself (and up to five others) email notifications for high-value cart abandonments, a Klaviyo flow is an easy solution.

The only question to consider is how you plan to follow up with customers who abandon their carts.

Some customers may find a phone call intrusive, so your best bet may be to write a highly personalised email with your personal contact information so that they can contact you for assistance.

How would you try to recover an abandoned cart if the value were super high?