Not all products are the same, and sometimes, you may want to send an email whenever a customer purchases a specific product.

For example, let’s say you sold T-shirts and coffee machines. Whereas Shopify’s default order confirmation notification email might suffice for T-shirt purchases, you may want to send additional instructions to customers who buy coffee machines from you.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to send an automated email with Shopify Marketing Automations when someone buys a certain product from you.

Use Case

Today’s use case comes from a user name Alba who posted in the Shopify Community forum that they’re looking for a way to send an automatic email when someone buys a certain product.

You can find the original post here:

Although most replies were “use Klaivyo,” Alba specifically said he uses Shopify Marketing Automations, so let’s use it!


Here’s how you can create email automations for specific product purchases with Shopify Marketing Automations in 12 easy steps:

If you prefer to watch a how-to video, see here:

Otherwise, please see below for the step-by-step guide with screenshots!

1. In Shopify Marketing Automations, click “Create Automation”

2. Click “Custom Email Automation”

3. Under Triggers, click Shopify

4. Choose “Order created”

5. Add a condition

6. Under Condition, click “Add criteria”

7. Click “Order” → “lineItems” → “name”

8. Enter the product name for which you want to send an email

10. Click “Then”

11. Select “Send marketing email”

12. Once you’ve selected “Send marketing email,” you can select the email template you want to send. You will have to build this email in the Shopify Email app:


With Shopify Marketing Automations, you can send marketing emails to customers who order certain products from you.

Flows in Shopify Marketing Automations are really easy to create as long as you know where to find a product’s name. It may not be super intuitive that “lineItems” store the products belonging to an order, so it helps to be familiar with Shopify order objects:

If you have any other flows you’d like to see in Shopify Marketing Automations, please let me know!