Sometimes, especially for high-value orders that may require a personal touch to complete, you may want to receive an email notification when your customers abandon cart so that you can take action.

For example, if you’re Tesla (they use Shopify for their online store — how wild is that!) selling $50,000 cars, following up with each potential customer who abandons cart may be worth the effort because the return on investment is so high.

On the other hand, if you were selling $1 plastic forks…anyway, you get the point.

Use Case from Shopify Community

A user named Yusuf_Ozusen wants to receive an email notification when someone abandons their cart.

He laments, “It is just frustrating to check the abandoned cart section, all the time. . .”

In a later comment, he says, “Even though I send automated emails, i would like to make changes as quick as possible, before I send them out.”

You can see the original post here.

Solution: here’s how top get notified via email when someone abandons their cart in Shopify with Klaviyo in 7 easy steps

1 Create a new flow in Klaviyo.

2. Select the metric trigger

3. Choose the “Checkout Started” action to trigger the flow. According to Klaivyo, “Checkout Started” signals a higher intent of purchasing than a simple abandoned cart event.

Their logic makes sense: abandoning a checkout is one further step down the purchase funnel. You can learn more about Klaviyo’s reasoning here.

4. Set up your trigger as follows:

  1. What someone has done (or not done)
  2. Placed Order
  3. zero times
  4. since starting this flow

5. Add a time delay of 30 minutes or however much time you want to elapse before you receive the notification.

6. Add a notification and configure the notification to send to you

7. Click “Review and Turn On”


As shown in the above steps, Klaviyo offers an easy way to send yourself notifications when a customer abandons cart. The main factors to consider are how long after a customer abandons cart you want to wait to receive the notification and how you will follow up with a customer after they abandon their cart.

One point worth noting is that Klaviyo recognizes “Checkout Started but not completed” as their abandoned cart event.

If you specifically want to send emails based on the “Added to Cart” event, which happens before “Checkout Started,” see here for how to create an Added to Cart event in Klaviyo.

What are some ways you might follow up with a customer who abandons cart?