Are you looking for an easy way to schedule automated emails to customers after they place their last order?

If you sell products that customers tend to buy again at regular intervals, like toothbrush heads or shaving razors, re-engaging your customers with automated emails is an easy way to increase customer lifetime value.

Indeed, with renewable products and automated emails, you can set them, forget about them and earn revenue on autopilot

Follow these next steps to see how you can schedule automated emails in Shopify with Omnisend.

The Use Case (from Shopify Community)

Nigel151066 posted in the Shopify forum that he’s looking for a way to send two emails:

  1. 26 weeks since last purchase
  2. 52 weeks since last purchase

Unfortunately, the “Shopify app” he was using (presumably Shopify Flow) has a maximum time limit of 90 days, which is why Nigel is looking for a third-party app to accomplish the above flow.

You can read the original post here:

Here’s a screenshot of the post:

How to send emails to customers 26 weeks and 52 weeks since last purchase with Omnisend in 7 easy steps

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, see below:

Otherwise, you can start reading from here.

1. In Omnisend, click “Automation,” “+ New workflow” and “Create Custom Workflow.”

2. Add an easy-to-understand name for this workflow.

3. Select “Order Placed” as your trigger and “Order Placed” again as your exit condition. You have to add the Order Placed exit condition so that when customers place an order, they exit the flow. Based on Nigels’ requirements, he wants customers to receive their first email 26 weeks since their last order. By adding the exit condition, the timer will only count 26 weeks from the customer’s last purchase — not an earlier one they may have made. The exit condition ensures that your customer does not receive duplicate emails from you.

4. Add a delay and set it to 26 weeks

5. Add an email

6. Add a second delay and set it to 26 weeks. In words, the customer will receive a second email 26 weeks after the first email, which equates to 52 weeks after last purchase.

7. Add a second email


Omnisend offers customers a fast, easy way to set up a workflow for sending emails to customers 26 weeks and 52 weeks after their last purchase.

These types of automated emails can encourage repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value.

When building the above flow, just remember to add the exit condition; otherwise, your customer may receive duplicate emails!